Spring Maternity|Stather

I’ve been shooting this family since before they were a family. I have loved watching them grow in every sense of the word. I was so excited when Crystal told me she was expecting another baby this spring, so we planned for a maternity shoot, which was quickly taken over by little miss madam! WeContinue reading “Spring Maternity|Stather”

Mom & Me|Laurissa

I met this amazing lady through my daughters first dance class and have become fast friends. She is the type of friend that makes friendship easy and fun and everything I look for in a friendship. My daughter squeals with excitement over seeing one of her very best friends, so it’s always a visit IContinue reading “Mom & Me|Laurissa”

Fresh 48|Tucker

I was so excited to head to the hospital for this little mans arrival. It was my first “fresh 48” or as close as we could get with how early he joined our side. ┬áMr. S was born at 32 weeks much earlier than everyone had hoped for, by the time I was able toContinue reading “Fresh 48|Tucker”

Mom and Me|Aimee

I went back to school this winter so my photography had to take a bit of a back seat for a few months while I completed it, I didn’t book as many shoots and missed it dearly. I managed to squeeze in a couple mom and me couch sessions with some friends and their sweetContinue reading “Mom and Me|Aimee”