Mom & Me|Laurissa

I met this amazing lady through my daughters first dance class and have become fast friends. She is the type of friend that makes friendship easy and fun and everything I look for in a friendship. My daughter squeals with excitement over seeing one of her very best friends, so it’s always a visit IContinue reading “Mom & Me|Laurissa”

Wedding|Meghan & Jason

I had the absolute pleasure of photographing one of my oldest friends weddings last summer. It was everything! We did a first look where my second shooter Kayleigh of Kayleigh Lynds Photography and I shut down the middle of Rice Howard Way in Downtown Edmonton and did an amazing first look with Meghan and Jason.Continue reading “Wedding|Meghan & Jason”

Mom and Me|Aimee

I went back to school this winter so my photography had to take a bit of a back seat for a few months while I completed it, I didn’t book as many shoots and missed it dearly. I managed to squeeze in a couple mom and me couch sessions with some friends and their sweetContinue reading “Mom and Me|Aimee”

Wedding 2017

Last summer I had the opportunity to photograph a vow renewal. It was lovely and all about family. ┬áThe couple chose to do a hand fasting where their children fastened their hands together to represent their union as a family. With all the fires that happened last summer the skies were a little hazy butContinue reading “Wedding 2017”

Wedding | Gillian & Christopher

With Wedding Season upon us I thought I would share some of the beautiful weddings I shot last summer! A reminder of all things beautiful, beautiful weather, people, couple, vows, love. My first wedding of the season was with Gillian and Christopher. This couple was without a doubt the sweetest couple, and so beyond inContinue reading “Wedding | Gillian & Christopher”