2018|Challenge Yourself

This year was the year for me, I entered 11 photos into the contest Shoot and Share and hit submit, all while cringing at the thought that other professionals around the globe would be criticizing and judging my work. Along with this contest I also took part in a travelling dress piece (you might remember the lovely little yellow dress I shot at the Edmonton Ice Castles last year), which was also a huge step for me as I don’t do very well with showing off my work, despite what you may think. I loved that concept so much I started my own travelling dress this year and a travelling skirt that are both making its way around Edmonton, Alberta and BC. Stay tuned for a blog post when the projects are all done!

Back to the contest though, I entered this contest thinking there was no way I would do well, I mean I only entered 11 photos out of the 50 max you could submit so really odds were already against me. I walked away thinking “wow there is so much talent in this world how can I channel that into my work? What do I need to do to get there?” I could have walked away thinking man I suck time to list my gear on Kijiji and sell it all, BUT I wanted to learn and grow from it. And grow I did.

I took what I saw and got to work. I completely changed my entire editing, shooting, mentality and pay structure on how I ran my business. I gave away a lot of shoots for free so I could learn. I sold off all my newborn posing gear. It was huge. And scary. I gave up all I knew and all I was comfortable with. I had some serious fails but overall my changes in my eyes were a major success. My editing process is exactly where I want it to be. I shoot a lot more of what I want to be shooting, not what I feel like I have to be shooting. That in itself makes me so much happier, shooting the things I love not that people say I should.

I guess bottom line of this post is – do what makes you happy and do it for you not everyone else. In case you were wondering, I had one of my eleven photos in last years contest end up in the top 30%. Not bad – but I want more.

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