Newborn |Oake

I have to admit, I am so happy that I have stopped offering posed newborn sessions. I go to clients homes now and photograph them in their own home, where everyone is comfortable. Brand new parents are tired and have more important things to take care of and remember then booking and coming to my house for their newborn sessions. I love that I get to catch all those sweet cuddles from everyone in the family as these moments pass way too fast. I was so lucky to go and meet these two sweet little dolls!

Sweet bows made by Ellie Bow



Couples | Bradford

I requested for some models this winter for some indoor lifestyle couples sessions and I met with this lovely couple who welcomed me into their home and made me laugh endlessly with their hilarity and common thought processes! I had such a wonderful time!


Spring Maternity|Shervill

I have known Ali for just about 6 years…maybe its 5…I can’t remember It’s been a few anyway and when I found out she was having a baby I knew I had to go so extra for her maternity photos and I’m so lucky she’s willing to go along with all of my crazy. I sent my mom a photo of what I was looking for and her and my grandma got to work and made the most amazing skirt that totally fit my vision better than I could have ever imagined, and this beautiful friend of mine made it look even that much better!1



Winter Wedding|Hammermaster

I’m a little behind in my blogging…ok a lot behind, I’m sorry I really need to get at it more often! Today is the day!

I was so thrilled when Valerie came and asked me to shoot her wedding. I have known this beautiful girl since she was five years old and she has been a fixture in our lives ever since. This was the most beautifully organized wedding I have ever photographed with everything planned to a T. My mom did the florals and they were absolutely gorgeous with the most amazing smell of eucalyptus (5 different kinds of it to be exact) everywhere we went. It’s funny I have always nearly cried at every ceremony and reception speech with every wedding I have ever shot. I love it. This wedding was no exception with probably more tears than usual as I watched this girl I have known for an eternity walk down the aisle to marry her best friend. Thank you so much Val Val for having me be part of your day, it was an honour to have been chosen by you!





Limited Seasonal Sessions

Here it is!

The season we all wait for! Pumpkin spice lattes, cozy sweaters, halloween, beautiful colours, cool temperatures made for cuddles with ones you love and of course PHOTOS!

I have limited availability for fall sessions this year as I will be changing up how my sessions are offered. This year I will only be offering evening sessions to deliver my best possible work to each and every one of my clients. I will be opening 20 spots this fall just for mini sessions. The available dates will be listed below.

Here is your chance to get those updated family portraits, Christmas cards, baby bump announcements, photos with your boyfriend…whatever it is you are looking for now is the perfect time to book the most beautiful season of the year!

Dates & times available:

                    September 1                            Time spots: 6pm, 630pm, 7pm, 730pm

                    September 7                            Time spots: 6pm, 630pm, 7pm, 730pm

                    September 10                          Time spots: 530pm, 6pm, 630pm, 7pm

                    September 15                          Time spots: 530pm, 6pm, 630pm, 7pm

                    September 23                          Time spots: 530pm, 6pm, 630pm

                    September 27                          Time spots: 530pm, 6pm, 630pm

                    September 29                          Time spots: 530pm, 6pm, 630pm

                    September 30                          Time spots: 530pm, 6pm, 630pm

From where we stand

As always to book your session please use one of the following avenues: | | |

Fall| Travelling Skirt

Here I find myself on this really stinking cold March evening dying for summer to hit again, looks like no luck on that front. So instead of blogging like I should be, I am looking for the next dress or skirt I want to shoot. I finally felt a little inspired to blog about the lovely fall session I had with my friend Faron. I wanted to get my turns in with the skirt before I sent it off around the Edmonton and surrounding area (it even made its way to my friend Jen in Uclulet). So I grabbed Faron and out we went for a few quick shots before the sun set.



Fall Family| Bolduc

I’m not the kind of person who makes friends very easily. Having been burned more than a few times, I find I am very reserved when it comes to making new friends and meeting new people. Laurissa came into my life about two years ago. I decided to sign up my oldest daughter Lila for a dance class as she loves to prance around the house making up some seriously bizarre moves and singing away.


When we got there I was as usual a hot mess hauling a car seat and telling Lila to hurry as we were going to be late (once again as usual). There we were met with two other moms and their kids and of course the first thing to jump to my mind was “ohmygod I can’t do this…” But I got Lila’s slippers on and one of the sweet girls grabbed her hand and said “Hi I’m Millie” and off they ran together with Audrey (I’ll introduce this sweet soul in another blog) to get to their dance class.


The girls have been friends ever since greeting each other with hugs so big it brings tears to my eyes every time it happens (which is like three days a week haha), Lila has a mad crush on Laurissa’s older son Liam, Stella (my younger daughter) always loves playing with her youngest daughter Eliza and I couldn’t be happier to say that Laurissa is truly one of the only friends I willing let hug me. They are like warm cookies and tea on a cold rainy, kind of day hugs that warm you right to your toes and her soul is the sweetest of souls.


Fall Family|Belley

I am so fortunate that I have clients that stuck with me through the thick and thin of learning and growing as a photographer. Tanya and Dylan are one of those families that started out as a couple with many loves that we had the same one of them being softball. I played for years. Like years and years, but thats another story for another day. Tanya messaged me a couple of years ago letting me know she was not only pregnant, but with twins I mean really how exciting is that? And as their family grew from two to four and from babies to toddlers I am so happy to say that they continue to come back to me every year, and every year is new and exciting with their two sweet little boys – tears and all!


Spring Maternity|Stather

This is another family that I have been so lucky to hold on to throughout the years of growing from a couple of two to a family of four. I photographed engagements for Crystal and Chris years ago, and since then they have turned into a family of four with two absolutely gorgeous little girls. And while this session was before the arrival of little Miss Claire, her sweet and hilarious big sister totally stole the show with this shoot. Keep scrolling to find out why and I guarantee you, you will be smiling and laughing out loud!





Fall Family| LaPointe

This fall was a killer in more ways than one this year. I booked a record amount of bookings this year for myself which was absolutely amazing, I am so lucky that so many families trust me with their memories year after year. This is where the killer comes into play, we were hit with snow storm after snow storm this fall. Every single weekend in September was a mad snow fall causing me to have to reschedule 37 sessions. 37 SESSIONS!!! Over one month! It was unbelievable, but I did it and got some absolutely amazing photos this fall despite all the crazy early winter activity!